Category: Supporter Stories

Laura's Story

25 Aug 2023

Life is a Cabaret

In memory, but also in hope of a better future
8 Aug 2023

Chancey and Isabella

A new (Mar)friendship
21 Jun 2023

Tom Reveler

A gentle giant
24 May 2023

Tom and Chloe

a beautiful story of love and loss
27 Apr 2023

A Story of Two Brothers

Appearances can be deceptive
29 Mar 2023

Cairo-Mia's Story

Illustrating Marfan Syndrome
28 Feb 2023

Loui's Story

Appearances Can Be Deceptive
26 Feb 2023

Jonathan's Story

"If only I'd known"
22 Feb 2023

Marfan and Medicine

Can trainee registrars correctly identify MFS?
20 Feb 2023

Julie's Story

When did you first hear of Marfan syndrome?
2 Feb 2023

#MarfanMondays: Live Long and Prosper

by Camilla Allen
30 Jan 2023

Isabella Spreads the Word

Young and Determined!
5 Jan 2023

Gareth's Story

Surveillance is critical to survival ...
15 Dec 2022

Lucy's Blog: Part 5

by Lucy-Alexandra Atkinson
15 Nov 2022

Lula's New Focus

After complex eye surgery and a horrible scare, Lula has a new clarity of vision!
10 Nov 2022

Jamie's Story

A happy healthy farmer with an undiagnosed condition
7 Nov 2022

Elsa's Story

in pursuit of fitness with Marfan syndrome
1 Nov 2022

Hayley's Story

Improving diagnosis of Marfan syndrome
10 Oct 2022

Tim's Story

Running for a Friend
3 Oct 2022

Lana's Story: a Tale of Three Sisters

Lana's Long Run
26 Sep 2022

Charles' Story

A newly diagnosed Marfan with a bright future
31 Aug 2022

A Muddy Marfan Challenge: Helen's Quest

Helen faces her fears!
26 Aug 2022

Liam's Story

Liam loved life and lived fully
22 Aug 2022

Lindsey's Story

a life less ordinary
16 Aug 2022

Lucy's Blog: Part 4

by Lucy-Alexandra Atkinson
18 Jul 2022

Amiyah's Story

A little Marf and her Mum
11 Jul 2022

Climbing for a Cause

Intrepid 13-year-old George faces his biggest fears for the Marfan Trust
27 Jun 2022

Stamp for Marfan!

Postage makes pounds for the Marfan Trust
20 Jun 2022

James Griffin

Never was there another who lived so fully
13 Jun 2022

Alan's Story

My Life with Marfan Syndrome
28 Mar 2022

Marfan and Me

by Sarah Nuttman
14 Mar 2022

Chris's Story

​When an overheard conversation saves a life
13 May 2021

Martyn's Story: How Can I Help You?

Let's Start a Conversation about Marfan Syndrome!
22 Apr 2021

Stuart's Story - A Unique Journey

Walking in the shadow of our namesake!
1 Apr 2021

Marfan Awareness Month: Our Supporters in the Spotlight!

In this, the grand finale to Marfan Awareness Month we put you, our supporters, in the spotlight!
1 Mar 2021

Natasha's Story: Marfan Awareness Month

Never was the need for greater awareness made more tragically apparent
25 Feb 2021

Christopher’s Story: Marfan Awareness Month

This is the story of Christopher whose Marfan syndrome was captured at an early age, allowing him to claim his condition
16 Feb 2021

Awareness Saves Lives: Wayne & Lewis' Story

This is the story of Wayne and Lewis - of a life lost and a life shaped by Marfan syndrome
9 Feb 2021

Don't Look Back

Our campaign concludes on a note of hope with a story emblematic of the life-enhancing role played by research
11 Dec 2020

How Did The Sonalee Laboratory Come About

Although Sonalee’s Marfan syndrome was not recognised until later on in life, she felt its impact from an early age.
19 Nov 2020
The Marfan Trust is registered in England and Wales under charity number 328070 at c/o 24 Oakfield Lane, Keston, Kent, BR2 6BY. Contact us at [email protected] or by phone on + 44 (0)333 011 5256
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