Dr Child's Casebook: Similar But Different

Letters missing from our genetic jigsaw can cause MFS or something similar
27 Nov 2022
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Dr Child's Casebook: Living with a Label

Is a connective tissue disorder just a label?
18 Nov 2022
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The Critique of My Marfan Physique: Part V

by Lucy-Alexandra Atkinson
15 Nov 2022

Lula's New Focus

After complex eye surgery and a horrible scare, Lula has a new clarity of vision!
10 Nov 2022

Jamie's Story

A happy healthy farmer with an undiagnosed condition
7 Nov 2022

Dr Child's Casebook: Declaration Dilemma

Should you divulge your health condition when completing job applications?
4 Nov 2022
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Elsa's Story

in pursuit of fitness with Marfan syndrome
1 Nov 2022

Dr Child's Casebook: Time to Heal?

Does a connective tissue disorder delay the healing process?
28 Oct 2022
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Diane Rust

A remarkable woman
17 Oct 2022

Dr Child's Casebook: Maturing with Marfan

Living better with Marfan syndrome
14 Oct 2022
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Hayley's Story

Improving diagnosis of Marfan syndrome
10 Oct 2022

Dr Child's Casebook: Vices and Virtues

Quit the habit?
5 Oct 2022
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Tim's Story

Running for a Friend
3 Oct 2022

Dr Child's Casebook: Quest for Clarity

Obtaining diagnostic certainty
28 Sep 2022
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Lana's Story: a Tale of Three Sisters

Lana's Long Run
26 Sep 2022

Dr Child's Casebook: Point Break?

Are Marfan folk susceptible to fractures?
14 Sep 2022
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Dr Child's Casebook: A Process of Elimination

How to determine the root cause
8 Sep 2022
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Dr Child's Casebook: Weak at the Knees

Should my child's knock knees be treated surgically?
2 Sep 2022
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Charles' Story

A newly diagnosed Marfan with a bright future
31 Aug 2022
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