Dr Child's Casebook: Emergency v. Elective

Early Detection is Essential
12 May 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Skip a Beat …

Dr Child discusses Arrhythmia with a patient
5 May 2021

​Anecdotes and Antidotes: Supporters’ Corner

The first in our exciting new series putting supporters in the spotlight
29 Apr 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Fight Back!

How to support your muscle function!
28 Apr 2021

Martyn's Story: How Can I Help You?

Let's Start a Conversation about Marfan Syndrome!
22 Apr 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: A Disorderly Depression?

Our helpline is approached from time to time by Marfan patients questioning a link between their connective tissue disorder and depression
21 Apr 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Who Am I?

What is Disability?
14 Apr 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Alarm Bells

Getting to the heart of chest pain
7 Apr 2021

Stuart's Story - A Unique Journey

Walking in the shadow of our namesake!
1 Apr 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Why Me?

As the first member of the family to be affected by Marfan syndrome, it's natural to ask "why me?"
31 Mar 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Ultimate Tragedy

The agony of outliving a child
24 Mar 2021

Thank You!

We Could Not Have Done It Without You!
18 Mar 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Teach The Teacher

To Practise What You Teach
17 Mar 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Signs and Symptoms

Making Sense of Symptoms
10 Mar 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: True Cause?

​A sudden and suspicious death in the family sparks a search for answers, something that goes beyond the ostensible cause.
3 Mar 2021

Marfan Awareness Month: Our Supporters in the Spotlight!

In this, the grand finale to Marfan Awareness Month we put you, our supporters, in the spotlight!
1 Mar 2021

Natasha's Story: Marfan Awareness Month

Never was the need for greater awareness made more tragically apparent
25 Feb 2021

Myths and Misinformation Debunked! The Vaccine, Explained

A recipient of the vaccine herself, Dr Anne Child dispels disinformation and sets things straight
18 Feb 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: InVisible Inequality

Left seriously fatigued by office systems, and with chronic eye strain and sight problems, a supporter called Dr Child for advise
17 Feb 2021

Christopher’s Story: Marfan Awareness Month

This is the story of Christopher whose Marfan syndrome was captured at an early age, allowing him to claim his condition
16 Feb 2021
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