Dr Child's Casebook: Spectrum Connection?

Is there a link between Marfan syndrome and autism?
19 May 2022
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Dr Child's Casebook: Primal Fear

How to manage an overwhelming anxiety about death
11 May 2022
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Dr Child's Casebook: SOS From Ukraine - Part II

How to ensure continuity of care
4 May 2022

SOS from Ukraine: Part 1

Seeking sanctuary in the UK, a Ukranian with Marfan syndrome needs our help
27 Apr 2022

Pete's Story

Derby to London - a soul ride
25 Apr 2022

Dr Child's Casebook: The Noise Within

A supporter is plagued by his own private soundtrack of ringing and grinding
21 Apr 2022
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Dr Child's Casebook: Midlife Metamorphosis

How to manage the menopause
14 Apr 2022
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Dr Child's Casebook: A Rollercoaster Ride

Is a theme park ride advisable for someone awaiting a heart operation?
7 Apr 2022
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Dr Child's Casebook: The Probability of Inheritance

The odds of passing on an autosomal condition ...
30 Mar 2022
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Jamal's Story

29 Mar 2022

Alan's Story

My Life with Marfan Syndrome
28 Mar 2022

Dr Child's Casebook: Unexpected and Unusual

When hopes for an unaffected baby become complicated ....
18 Mar 2022
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Do They Or Don't They?

Famous, and Famously Fictional, Folk with Marfan Syndrome ...or something similar
15 Mar 2022

Marfan and Me

by Sarah Nuttman
14 Mar 2022

Dr Child's Casebook: Shapes and Sizes

Weighing Up the Ideal?
9 Mar 2022
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Ralph and Bronwen

A story with a (happy) twist in the tale
7 Mar 2022

Dr Child's Casebook: Elective Travel

Can insurers discern the difference between elective and emergency surgery?
4 Mar 2022
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Marfan Awareness Month: The Final Word

Professor John Pepper clarifies the life-saving role of early diagnosis
28 Feb 2022

The GP Who Came To Tea

... and saved a life
25 Feb 2022

Alert Medics To The Features of MFS

Dr Naqvi describes what to watch for as a medic
24 Feb 2022
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