Marfan Awareness Month: Our Supporters in the Spotlight!

In this, the grand finale to Marfan Awareness Month we put you, our supporters, in the spotlight!
1 Mar 2021

Natasha's Story: Marfan Awareness Month

Never was the need for greater awareness made more tragically apparent
25 Feb 2021

Mistaken Identity

Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice - Martin H. Fischer
19 Feb 2021

Myths and Misinformation Debunked! The Vaccine, Explained

A recipient of the vaccine herself, Dr Anne Child dispels disinformation and sets things straight
18 Feb 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: InVisible Inequality

Left seriously fatigued by office systems, and with chronic eye strain and sight problems, a supporter called Dr Child for advise
17 Feb 2021

Christopher’s Story: Marfan Awareness Month

This is the story of Christopher whose Marfan syndrome was captured at an early age, allowing him to claim his condition
16 Feb 2021

In Good Company

Marfan syndrome is writ large on the cinema screen, and lurks behind the sensational sounds of Broadway - here are three notable names
11 Feb 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Bittersweet Blessings?

Anxious about potential side effects of the COVID vaccine, a Marfan supporter finds his worries dispelled by Dr Child
10 Feb 2021

'Awareness Saves Lives: Wayne & Lewis' Story'

This is the story of Wayne and Lewis - of a life lost and a life shaped by Marfan syndrome
9 Feb 2021

Lost in Translation - Marfan Encyclopaedia

This article elucidates, delineates and celebrates marfanoid medicalise in a comprehensive list!
5 Feb 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: When Two Become Three

A couple approached Dr Child for advice on pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in vitro fertilisation (IVF)
3 Feb 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Forethought Spares Afterthought

Dr Child navigates Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis in her latest Casebook
27 Jan 2021

Bereavement Advice

This article gathers indispensable pieces of advice forming a one-stop Guide to Grief
21 Jan 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: The Engine of Life

Emerging from a 10-hour cardiac operation, a young adult developed an infection prompting his worried parent to call upon Dr Child
20 Jan 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Torn Hopes?

A young father-to-be with Marfan Syndrome has concerns that his potentially expanding aorta will tear and stop him from being father to his child
19 Jan 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Head in the Clouds

Plagued by little cloud-like particles floating around his field of vision, a 65-year-old Marfan patient immediately sought medical advice
6 Jan 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Raising A New Hope

Pregnant with her first baby, an Italian in London sought Dr Child’s advice on childbirth in Marfan syndrome
17 Dec 2020

Don't Look Back

Our campaign concludes on a note of hope with a story emblematic of the life-enhancing role played by research
11 Dec 2020

‘Remote’ Insight from our Chair

The Trust will be working with and for you, as we all get through this winter, the pandemic and look forward to more comfortable times
10 Dec 2020

Psychosocial Aspects of Marfan Syndrome

“Let Marfan syndrome be the passenger on your bus, not its driver”
10 Dec 2020
The Marfan Trust is registered in England and Wales under charity number 328070 at Guy Scadding Building, Dovehouse Street, London SW3 6LY. Contact us at [email protected] or by phone on + 44 (0)20 7594 1605
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