Category: Marfan Awareness Month

Cairo-Mia's Story

Illustrating Marfan Syndrome
28 Feb 2023

Loui's Story

Appearances Can Be Deceptive
26 Feb 2023

Jonathan's Story

"If only I'd known"
22 Feb 2023

Marfan Awareness Pamphlet

Download our leaflet today
13 Feb 2023

Julie's Story

When did you first hear of Marfan syndrome?
2 Feb 2023

Alan's Story

My Life with Marfan Syndrome
28 Mar 2022

Marfan and Me

by Sarah Nuttman
14 Mar 2022

Ralph and Bronwen

A story with a (happy) twist in the tale
7 Mar 2022

The GP Who Came To Tea

... and saved a life
25 Feb 2022

Alert Medics To The Features of MFS

Dr Naqvi describes what to watch for as a medic
24 Feb 2022

Lucy and Marfan Awareness

A condition as complex as MFS can leave you feeling isolated and alone, especially when doctors cannot help you navigate your medical journey ...
21 Feb 2022

Steffanie's Story

Steffanie and Angel
15 Feb 2022

Press Release: Marfan Awareness Month

Hiding in plain sight - a deadly secret
13 Feb 2022

Signs and Symptoms: a Deadly Secret?

Recognising the visible features of Marfan syndrome is a route to identifying the invisible, potentially deadly, feature...
8 Feb 2022


Marfan Awareness Month 2022
4 Feb 2022

Chris's Story

​When an overheard conversation saves a life
13 May 2021

Thank You!

We Could Not Have Done It Without You!
18 Mar 2021

Marfan Awareness Month: Our Supporters in the Spotlight!

In this, the grand finale to Marfan Awareness Month we put you, our supporters, in the spotlight!
1 Mar 2021

Natasha's Story: Marfan Awareness Month

Never was the need for greater awareness made more tragically apparent
25 Feb 2021

Christopher’s Story: Marfan Awareness Month

This is the story of Christopher whose Marfan syndrome was captured at an early age, allowing him to claim his condition
16 Feb 2021

In Good Company

Marfan syndrome is writ large on the cinema screen, and lurks behind the sensational sounds of Broadway - here are three notable names
11 Feb 2021

Awareness Saves Lives: Wayne & Lewis' Story

This is the story of Wayne and Lewis - of a life lost and a life shaped by Marfan syndrome
9 Feb 2021

Lost in Translation - Marfan Encyclopaedia

This article elucidates, delineates and celebrates marfanoid medicalise in a comprehensive list!
5 Feb 2021

How Did The Sonalee Laboratory Come About

Although Sonalee’s Marfan syndrome was not recognised until later on in life, she felt its impact from an early age.
19 Nov 2020
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