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How Marfan syndrome relates to COVID-19.
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Dressing Tall

The Long and Short of it is ...
21 Jun 2024

Regional Genetics Centres

Find UK and Republic of Ireland Regional Genetics Centres
21 Jun 2024

Travel Insurance Information

Specialist Travel Insurance and Insurers
21 Jun 2024

A to Z of Marfan Medicalese

This article elucidates and celebrates Marfan medicalese in a comprehensive list!
18 Jun 2024

Diagnosis & Treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment is vital
10 Jul 2022

Endocarditis Prevention

Endocarditis Prevention Advice & ICE Card
10 Jul 2022

Living with Marfan Syndrome

Regular checks with specialists are key
10 Jul 2022

Marfan Syndrome in Children

Manage children's care via a paediatrician
10 Jul 2022

Medical Concerns

Medical problems, treatment & management
10 Jul 2022

Related Disorders

Rule out related disorders with a definitive diagnosis
10 Jul 2022

Starting a Family

Understand potential risks & options beforehand
10 Jul 2022

Useful Information - Other

Other Helpful Groups and Organisations
10 Jul 2022

What are the signs of Marfan Syndrome?

Knowing the signs of Marfan syndrome can save lives
10 Jul 2022

Marfan Awareness Month: February 2022

"Once seen never forgotten" Passing frequently unnoticed through GP surgeries and A&Es is a potentially life-threatening condition
1 Feb 2022

Bereavement Advice

This article gathers helpful pieces of advice to form our Guide to Grief
26 Apr 2020
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