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Dr Child's Casebook: InVisible Inequality

Left seriously fatigued by office systems, and with chronic eye strain and sight problems, a supporter called Dr Child for advise
17 Feb 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Bittersweet Blessings?

Anxious about potential side effects of the COVID vaccine, a Marfan supporter finds his worries dispelled by Dr Child
10 Feb 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: When Two Become Three

A couple approached Dr Child for advice on pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in vitro fertilisation (IVF)
3 Feb 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Forethought Spares Afterthought

Dr Child navigates Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis in her latest Casebook
27 Jan 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: The Engine of Life

Emerging from a 10-hour cardiac operation, a young adult developed an infection prompting his worried parent to call upon Dr Child
20 Jan 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Torn Hopes?

A young father-to-be with Marfan Syndrome has concerns that his potentially expanding aorta will tear and stop him from being father to his child
19 Jan 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Head in the Clouds

Plagued by little cloud-like particles floating around his field of vision, a 65-year-old Marfan patient immediately sought medical advice
6 Jan 2021

Dr Child's Casebook: Raising A New Hope

Pregnant with her first baby, an Italian in London sought Dr Child’s advice on childbirth in Marfan syndrome
17 Dec 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Right of Way

Unknown Priority - SHOULD those with Marfan syndrome receive the vaccine ahead of the general population
9 Dec 2020

Dr Child's Casebook – Mobilising the Past

A new diagnosis in the family prompts a long reflection on the past.
2 Dec 2020

Dr Child's Casebook – Feeling Unhinged

A patient wants to know how common tibia dislocations are with Marfan syndrome.
25 Nov 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Walk Tall

A marked deterioration in his young teenage child’s gait and posture propelled a worried parent to the Trust Helpline
18 Nov 2020

Dr Child's Casebook – Off Your Chest

A pressing sense of pressure in their chest recently prompted a member of the public to seek Dr Child’s advice.
11 Nov 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Molar Influence

A mother seeks Dr Child's advice about their long term dental care
4 Nov 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Validating Vaccines

A parent concerned about vaccinating children against the flu, contacted Dr Child for advice about the Needle versus Nasal debate
28 Oct 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: A Sense of Disconnect

Sensing something was partially ‘out of place’ at a critical point in her hand, a member of our community called our helpline seeking respite
21 Oct 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: A Leaking Lifeline

A member of the public in the wake of her partner’s recurrent pneumothorax asked Dr Child for help having a possible diagnosis of Marfan syndrome
14 Oct 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Measure for Measure

The standard school desk height has remained unchanged over the last 30 years which is an ergonomic nightmare for many
7 Oct 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Perceiving Pain

The brain must detect and interpret pain signals correctly. How then to diagnose the source of the pain?
30 Sep 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Chain Reaction

​Trapped in a cycle of viral infections, seemingly without cause, a Marfan patient long known to Dr Child contacted the Trust for advice
23 Sep 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Where Do We Go From Here?

​Strongly suspecting the prevalence of a connective tissue disorder running through their family, a member of the public contacted our Helpline
16 Sep 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Appearances Can Be Deceptive – A Relative Anomaly. PART II

Making itself known in the skeletal system, Marfan syndrome is usually visible for all to see in its height supremacy
9 Sep 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Appearances Can Be Deceptive – The Relative Anomaly

A study of tallness in Marfan people found their mean height was above the 95 percentile for the general population by their third birthday
2 Sep 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Heartfelt Connections - Dental Decay and Heart Disease

All roads lead to the heart, they say, including the route ferrying oral bacteria from the mouth
26 Aug 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Every Breath You Take

A multi-faceted condition, Marfan syndrome often presents different problems simultaneously
19 Aug 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Ready Or Not?

By acquiring the simple basics of first aid, parents can protect their children form cuts and bruises to asthma attacks and choking
12 Aug 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Through The Ages

Hindsight is 20/20, as the proverb goes. With a belated Marfan diagnosis in the family, everything that has gone on before can suddenly make sense
5 Aug 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Best Foot Forward

Our feet take us places, they are the platforms on which we navigate the word’s bumpy terrain
29 Jul 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Navigating a New Normal

With ‘encouragement’ from the government we are returning to life ‘almost as we know it’
22 Jul 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: What’s in a Name?

A condition with many faces, Marfan syndrome means different things to different patients
15 Jul 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: The Big Soak – Disability Funds

Increasingly perceived as a luxury, baths remain a necessity for many
8 Jul 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Practice Dilemma

Is your GP surgery imparting clinical expertise, or misinformation and misdiagnosis characterised by a general lack of support?
1 Jul 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: To Jab Or Not To Jab During Covid-19

One patient asked on behalf of her teenage son and we have shared the exchange below while protecting the family’s identity
24 Jun 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Life After 50 for a Mature Marfan

With increasingly sophisticated treatment and awareness comes longevity of life as Marfan folk grow older with their syndrome
17 Jun 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Gut Feelings

​The fourth instalment of Dr Child’s Casebook sees our Medical Director encounter an unusual ramification of Marfan syndrome.
10 Jun 2020

Dr Child's (COVID) Casebook – Back To School Special

​As we gingerly ease our way back into the world, schools are leading the way, with Reception, Years 1 and 6 returning on 1 June.
3 Jun 2020

Dr Child's Pain Management Casebook

​Our new weekly theme continues apace as Dr Child counsels from her ‘remote’ consulting room, responding to our busier-than-ever helpline
27 May 2020

Dr Child's Covid Casebook

Every day while ensconced in the comfort of her virtual consulting room Dr Child encounters a new conundrum posed by a member of our Marfan community.
19 May 2020

How to Access the Drug Irbesartan

Following the successful completion of the AIMS Trial the drug Irbesartan has been shown to be effective in delaying aortic root widening
6 May 2020

Advice for Teenagers with Marfan Syndrome

We recently received the following plea for support from the anxious parent of an affected teenager
20 Nov 2019

Fatigue and Depression in Marfan Syndrome

A 44 year old man with Marfan syndrome rang for advice as he was falling asleep at his desk
7 May 2019

Q&A: Joint and Muscle Problems in Marfan Syndrome

Dr Anne Child and Professor Rodney Grahame explain all
29 May 2017
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