Category: Friday Fact

Friday Fact - POTS

12 Jul 2024

Friday Fact: Aortic Valve

What does it do?
7 Jun 2024

Friday Fact: Kyphosis v. Scoliosis

What's the difference?
10 May 2024

Friday Fact: PEARS Procedure

What is it?
26 Apr 2024

Friday Fact: Sleep Apnoea

What is it?
19 Apr 2024

Friday Fact: Genotype v. Phenotype

What's the difference?
12 Apr 2024

Friday Fact: Infective Endocarditis

Order your alert card today
5 Apr 2024

Friday Fact: Ectopia Lentis

What is it?
29 Mar 2024

Friday Fact: Mitral Valve Regurgitation

What is it?
22 Mar 2024

Friday Factoid: Aortic Dissection

Signs and Symptoms
15 Mar 2024

Friday Factoid: Dural Ectasia

What is it?
8 Mar 2024

Friday Factoid: Pneumothorax

Sometimes it's the first clue ...
1 Mar 2024

Friday Factoid: Fluoroquinolone Alert

Marfan Awareness Month
22 Feb 2024

Friday Factoid: ARBs v Beta-Blockers

What's the difference?
16 Feb 2024

Friday Factoid: CT Scan v MRI

What's the difference?
9 Feb 2024

Friday Factoid: Congenital v Genetic

What's the difference?
2 Feb 2024

Friday Factoid: Heart Attack v. Aortic Dissection

What's the difference?
26 Jan 2024

Friday Factoid: Echo v. ECG

What's the difference?
19 Jan 2024
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