Complex cataract surgery on her left eye propelled Lula into a bright new world of sharp shapes and vivid colours. She suddenly saw everything much more clearly than ever before. But, one day, this just as suddenly stopped, and Lula was plagued by visual distortions before everything turned grey. Seeking the help of Vitreoretinal Surgeon, Mr Aman Chandra, Lula endured a further operation which has taken her through a period of pain and worry into a brighter world once more with a happy twist in the tale!

Aman Chandra is speaking at our Lunchtime Webinar this Sunday! 

by Lula
I am a 34-year-old woman with Marfan syndrome.

I had bilateral dislocated eye lenses and in June of this year, I had complex cataract surgery in my left eye - anterior vitrectomy, pseudophakic, sclera-fixated intraocular lens implant.

During the first few weeks recovery was fine, the vision in my left eye was significantly improved although I had severe imbalanced vision that was treated with wearing an eye patch and I was booked to have the same operation on my right eye. But I then started getting disturbances in my vision. Firstly, I was getting light flickering and was seen in the emergency eye clinic. I was told everything looked fine. I then noticed distortion in my vision and a band of colours like a rainbow across my line of vision and the entire anterior field of vision went grey. I was terribly worried about continuing with planned surgery on my right eye if this has happened to the left.

Anyway, after seeking various opinions I returned once again to the emergency clinic and they diagnosed a detached retina in the left eye. You (the Trust) gave me the name of Mr Aman Chandra and he operated on me in Southend the next day.

After surgery, the pressure in the eye was so painful. It felt like it wasn’t improving for several weeks and it got me feeling really low. Then the pain lifted, and my vision slowly returned and the severe imbalance in vision actually resolved. Dr Chandra was seeing me every two weeks and he said I am about 4/6 weeks left before I am out of the woods of possible re-detachment. I remained on the eye pressure medication for approximately 10 weeks due to the high pressure when usually you would only need them for 4 days post op.

Altogether, it took approximately 12 weeks for the gas (put into the posterior chamber of the eye to put pressure on the retina to help it to stay intact after surgery) to dissolve and I have finally been discharged from Dr Chandra’s care for the left eye. I will see him again in 1 year to monitor my right eye.

I have driving vision now in the left eye without a prescription, which is something I never thought would happen. I have never been able to drive because my short sight vision always fell short of the legal driving limit with glasses.  Therefore, I aim to book my first driving lesson imminently, hurray.

The support The Marfan Trust and its supporters gave me during this scary time was such a blessing. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the world and that I had this little army of Marfan champions at my side. Being signposted to the right eye surgeon gave me the best outcome in my care. Thank you Marfan Trust, you saved my life.      

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