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Friday Fact: Aortic Valve

What does it do?
7 Jun 2024

International Patient Symposium: 31 August

Radisson Blu Edwardian, 9-13 Bloomsbury St London WC1B 3QD
23 May 2024

Friday Fact: Kyphosis v. Scoliosis

What's the difference?
10 May 2024

Friday Fact: PEARS Procedure

What is it?
26 Apr 2024

Friday Fact: Sleep Apnoea

What is it?
19 Apr 2024

Friday Fact: Genotype v. Phenotype

What's the difference?
12 Apr 2024

Friday Fact: Infective Endocarditis

Order your alert card today
5 Apr 2024

Friday Fact: Ectopia Lentis

What is it?
29 Mar 2024

New Pamphlet Alert!

The Marfan Trust Guide to Heart Surgery
28 Mar 2024

Friday Fact: Mitral Valve Regurgitation

What is it?
22 Mar 2024

Friday Factoid: Aortic Dissection

Signs and Symptoms
15 Mar 2024

Friday Factoid: Dural Ectasia

What is it?
8 Mar 2024

Friday Factoid: Pneumothorax

Sometimes it's the first clue ...
1 Mar 2024

Appearances Can Be Deceptive

by Ellie Musgrave
29 Feb 2024

Friday Factoid: Fluoroquinolone Alert

Marfan Awareness Month
22 Feb 2024

Lynsey's Story

Marfan Awareness Month
19 Feb 2024

Friday Factoid: ARBs v Beta-Blockers

What's the difference?
16 Feb 2024

Managing Height in Marfan Syndrome

How Tall is Too Tall?
15 Feb 2024

Friday Factoid: CT Scan v MRI

What's the difference?
9 Feb 2024

Sarah's Story

Marfan (and Loeys-Dietz!) Awareness Month
8 Feb 2024

Managing the Benefits System with Marfan Syndrome

Marfan Awareness Month continues apace
5 Feb 2024

Friday Factoid: Congenital v Genetic

What's the difference?
2 Feb 2024

Marfan Awareness Month

Managing Marfan & Its Future
1 Feb 2024

Friday Factoid: Heart Attack v. Aortic Dissection

What's the difference?
26 Jan 2024

Friday Factoid: Echo v. ECG

What's the difference?
19 Jan 2024

Pectus Update

A new approach to the treatment of pectus problems
26 Jul 2023

Mitral Valve Regurgitation

What is it?
16 May 2023

Tom and Chloe

a beautiful story of love and loss
27 Apr 2023

Cairo-Mia's Story

Illustrating Marfan Syndrome
28 Feb 2023

Loui's Story

Appearances Can Be Deceptive
26 Feb 2023

Jonathan's Story

"If only I'd known"
22 Feb 2023

Marfan Awareness Pamphlet

Download our leaflet today
13 Feb 2023

Lucy's Blog: The Critique of my Marfan Physique

By Lucy-Alexandra Atkinson
27 May 2021

Martyn's Story: How Can I Help You?

Let's Start a Conversation about Marfan Syndrome!
22 Apr 2021

In Good Company

Marfan syndrome is writ large on the cinema screen, and lurks behind the sensational sounds of Broadway - here are three notable names
11 Feb 2021

Lost in Translation - Marfan Encyclopaedia

This article elucidates, delineates and celebrates marfanoid medicalise in a comprehensive list!
5 Feb 2021

Psychosocial Aspects of Marfan Syndrome

“Let Marfan syndrome be the passenger on your bus, not its driver”
10 Dec 2020
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Diagnosis of Marfan Syndrome

​In her two-part Casebook Appearances Can Be Deceptive Dr Child discussed the misleading mimics and disguised carriers of Marfan syndrome
10 Sep 2020
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Dr Child's Casebook: Appearances Can Be Deceptive – A Relative Anomaly. PART II

Making itself known in the skeletal system, Marfan syndrome is usually visible for all to see in its height supremacy
9 Sep 2020
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Marfan Syndrome and Coronavirus FAQs

​As COVID-19 continues and scientists race for a vaccine, we live our lives under lockdown, reliant on government and medical guidance
16 Apr 2020

Advice for Teenagers with Marfan Syndrome

We recently received the following plea for support from the anxious parent of an affected teenager
20 Nov 2019
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What is Marfan Syndrome?

25% of Marfan syndrome patients are the first one affected in the family.
30 Sep 2019
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Fatigue and Depression in Marfan Syndrome

A 44 year old man with Marfan syndrome rang for advice as he was falling asleep at his desk
7 May 2019
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Going in to Labour with Marfan Syndrome

So you’re pregnant with Marfan syndrome, and you’re tackling all the challenges that brings, that’s even before you’ve tackled the labour!
6 Dec 2018
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What to Expect When You’re Pregnant with Marfan Syndrome

Whether you knew you had Marfan Syndrome before you got pregnant or you've just found out, you may be wondering what you should expect.
5 Dec 2018
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Incidence of Pneumothorax in Marfan Syndrome

What is the correct incidence of pneumothorax (free air in the chest cavity that causes the lungs to collapse) in Marfan syndrome?
9 Oct 2018
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Q&A: Joint and Muscle Problems in Marfan Syndrome

Dr Anne Child and Professor Rodney Grahame explain all
29 May 2017
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