Friendships forged in childhood are particularly potent. They are made naturally, felt keenly, and their memory lasts a lifetime. Chancey and Isabella met in May through the Marfan Trust and became instant firm friends, chatting merrily away together on the phone. The two girls continued the conversation IN PERSON last week and here they, standing side by side, new MarFriends. Chancey’s mother, Yvette said:

by Yvette

“Chancey and Isabella met for the first time last week. We are very fortunate that we only live 50 minutes away. Isabella’s mother Claire kindly invited us over and the whole family are so lovely. The girls really enjoyed being together.

I am in touch with other mums and will be meeting up but as people are in different directions we thought it would be great to see if we can get the girls together on Zoom”.

Earlier, in May, Yvette wrote to say:

"I wanted to say a huge thank you for putting my daughter Chancey in touch with Isabella. They have started to chat on the phone and I’m sure will meet up. Isabella even played the piano on a message!

I have also put a shout out on a group and Chancey is now in touch with three girls her age and they will meet up at some point. My daughter had a few things happen (a dog attack/chicken pox and a bully at school) This combination made her focus on Marfan syndrome and ask why. We are fortunate with Chancey she has had her lenses removed but leads a very normal life. However, her confidence was low.

I cannot tell you the difference being able to chat with the girls on regular things and simply talking about hospital appointments in a very matter of fact way has made all the difference. Thank you so much. Interestingly, both Chancey and Isabella are green belts in karate."

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