The scaffolding of our body, the spine gives us support and structure. Its intricate column comprising bones, joints, tendons, nerves & muscles is the central axis of our skeleton and keeps us upright. But in Marfan, it can send us sideways, or forwards.

These terms refer to curvatures of the spine and are a feature that doctors will look for when considering a diagnosis of Marfan syndrome.

Kyphosis is a curvature that makes the spine more rounded and can make a person appear hunched over.

Scoliosis describes a twisting or curvature of the spine to the side.

These conditions can worsen and become more apparent during periods of rapid growth, like puberty.

If severe, these curvatures can cause symptoms such as:

-       Back pain (including nerve pain)

-       Breathing problems

-       Psychological issues linked to uneven or hunched appearance

Referral to an Orthopaedic specialist is required for assessment and possible treatment which, in severe cases, can include bracing or surgery.

Disclaimer - these signs in isolation do not confirm a diagnosis of Marfan syndrome, examination and review by a specialist doctor is necessary.

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