1) Finding trousers that are long enough is a lifelong struggle…

Long enough in the leg, too big around the waist.

2) …shoe shopping is no fun…

“Do you have these in a bigger size?”

3) …and don’t even get me started on finding any top with long enough sleeves


Maybe I could just roll them up again?

4) You’re sick of hearing “What’s the weather like up there?”…

I have never heard this joke before. It is hilarious.

5)…or “Ooh you should play the piano with those fingers!”

Thanks for drawing attention to my larger than life hands.

6) … or the absolute classic “Do you play basketball?”

Yep good one.

7) Oh and no-one ever knows what Marfan syndrome is…

“Oh that’s a new one”…

8) …or how to spell it!

“Morphin?” “Martin’s?” “My Fans?”

9) …but you know it makes you secretly awesome!


My dad always made me feel like having Marfan syndrome made you part of a special club!” - Laura Smith

Laura Smith is a writer living in Halifax, West Yorkshire with her husband Dave and son Jude. She has grown up knowing she has Marfan syndrome. She spends her days hunting for the tall range in clothing stores and writing nice words for greeting cards. E: [email protected].

Please note that the views expressed in this article are those of its author.  The Marfan Trust is not responsible for the medical content of comments posted by others on these blog pages. If you have specific medical queries, please email [email protected]


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