As supporters, you are probably keen to hear how our fundraising efforts have been going, particularly given the challenges the pandemic has thrown at us. Unsurprisingly, the start of the year has been slow and we’ve got lots more funding to secure. We are tackling this in myriad ways, not least by launching our new membership scheme - more of which later. Meantime we have been ...

·       Applying to Trusts and Foundations. If you know of any that align to the Marfan Trust’s objectives and aims, please                email me Gurpreet at [email protected]

·       Introducing new items for our store like our fabulous Marfan Masks;

·       Taking part in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge;

·       Organising a Raffle for you to participate in and share with family and friends;

·       Planning a Fundraising Virtual event – details to be shared soon;

·       Coordinating a Pregnancy seminar; and 

·       Launching our Membership scheme.

How can you help? You can:

·       Attend our Events
Lend your support and come to Marfan Trust events – whether that’s attending our seminars, conference or virtual events;

·       Donate, donate and…. donate some more
Donate to the Marfan Trust– this can be a one off donation or a monthly standing order. All donations can now be made via our website here. Every bit helps and takes us that much closer to ensuring we continue to improve treatment of Marfan syndrome and increase awareness of this condition;

·       Keep things interesting and entertaining by setting up a Fundraiser
How about doing: a quiz, a live stream of you cooking a family recipe, sharing a unique skill that you might have like yoga, dance, arts and crafts or if you are up to it, or why not take on some fun challenges? We’ve got two here to get you started:

1.       A physical challenge: For every £10 raised, you commit to climbing flights of stairs, doing a number of push-ups, planks, dancing for a set period of time, or some other physical feat; or

2.       A “Dare” challenge: For every £10 raised, you commit to doing something that a friend dares you to do. Be creative and get in touch for more ideas!

·       Endorse us
You can support us by tapping into your network by recommending us to your Company as their Charity of the Year partner, or why not speak to your child’s school about fundraising for us. With your support, we could make a massive difference to the lives of those affected by Marfan syndrome and their families;

·       Join our membership scheme
You have perhaps seen our communications and wondered if being a Marfan Trust member excites you? If you've enjoyed our content over the last year, then support us by putting aside the cost of one coffee per month to the Trust. £3 will go a long way in ensuring we continue to provide high level, interesting content to you and your family. Subscribe here to receive all our communications on our activities, Marfan syndrome and how to manage it; and

·       Help us spread the word
Post on your social media accounts with the hashtag #MarfanTrust or alternatively send stories/videos of how Marfan Trust has helped you to i[email protected]

Marfan Trust, a CIO registered as a charity in England in Wales with charity number 1198847 at: c/o 24 Oakfield Lane, Keston, Kent, BR2 6BY. Contact us at [email protected] or by phone on + 44 (0)333 011 5256
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