Rebuilding a broken body is a process of patience & perseverance. Lucy lightens this load by writing blogs to help others like her. Picking up where she left off in Feb when she was suddenly admitted to hospital, Lucy is now at home & getting acquainted with her new tube feeds. It’s all about balance …

Hey👋Some of you may already know that I was recently discharged from hospital on overnight tube feeds. I have to connect myself to a feeding pump for 14 hours each night.The feed runs through the pump v slowly so it drip feeds me over the course of many hours. The rate was set at 25ml per hour in hospital, but they increased it when I was ready for home.They have to keep the rate quite low cos some people with gastric issues can’t tolerate it much higher. I was taken into hospital because I had severe malnutrition & low weight.When the nurses came to insert my feeding tube, I wanted to grab my shoes & run all the way home. Sadly, I didn’t have the strength to walk, never mind run! They advised me to stay still during insertion & talked me through the process before going ahead.

They inserted the tube in through my nose, down my throat & into my stomach. I had to take a few sips of water to facilitate the passing of the tube until it successfully reached my stomach. It was painless!I was started on overnight tube feeds & new medication as soon as they’d finished inserting the tube. I didn’t want to be on a feeding tube, but I knew it was necessary. The consultant asked how I’d kept going like this so long & I had no answer. I’d been trying my best to keep my head above water, but still drowning. Sadly, my dietician knew my situation but didn’t take it seriously enough.The hospital dietician said I was v lucky to get admitted when I did, because my BMI was so low it was putting me at serious risk.I was monitored v closely in hospital w daily blood tests & v regular obs/check ups.The doc said I was doing well but it would take time for me to notice a difference in how I felt as my body had broken down & needed to build itself back up.It was overwhelming being discharged w so many meds & supplies but my family help me through it! 

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