The Marfan Trust receives no government or statutory funding and relies solely on supporter donations to fund its support, research and awareness programmes. With the pandemic and the attendant cost burden this has placed upon us, we really need the additional funds that Best Friend and Family Friend membership plans can give us to be certain of our future. So, if you can find it in your hearts to give an extra £3 a month (the cost of one coffee per month) that would go a long way to ensuring we stay around for years to come. £36 will in fact allow us to respond to 2 additional calls received by the Helpline.

Membership plan options are:

MEMBERSHIP COMPARISON TABLEFriends MembershipBest Friends Membership *Family Friends Membership
CostFree £3 per month (£36 p.a.) £4 per month (£48 p.a.)
Helpline access 
All online and social media resources, Standard articles, including Fundraising News and Research News 
All Premium weekly Marfan syndrome help articles & content including:  Dr Child's Casebook, Blog pieces, Marfan specific articles 
Free PDF versions of 4 main Marfan Trust advice leaflets worth £20
Bi Annual copies of our Marfan Matters Magazine
Discounted Tickets Prices at Marfan Trust events 
Priority access to ad hoc virtual “meet the expert sessions” 
Membership subscription allows 4 users to access premium content 

Membership Sign Up Page

* Overseas Best Friends Membership is exactly the same as Best Friends Membership but enables those with non UK bank accounts to set up monthly membership payments via a credit or debit card. UK bank account holders are also free to subscribe this way if it suits them better.

NB: If you are already signed up to receive our e-news and updates, you will automatically be enrolled as a Friend of the Marfan Trust. If not please click the button above and sign up for Friends Membership, ensuring that you check the news and updates by email box in the form you will be directed to. 

During the simple sign up process, all Friends must make sure that they check the news and updates box by email to receive plan content. Only Best Friends and Family Friends will be able to access premium content and should also check the news and updates box by Post if they wish to receive a paper copy of our Marfan Matters Magazine. Anyone is free to upgrade their plan at any time by simply signing up to the relevant new plan and creating a new direct debit. The system will automatically move them over. Anyone upgrading from Best Friends to Family Friends, should additionally email [email protected] letting us know about the upgrade so that we can cancel your original direct debit.

For More Information
Contact Gurpreet Madan at [email protected].

Marfan Trust, a CIO registered as a charity in England in Wales with charity number 1198847 at: c/o 24 Oakfield Lane, Keston, Kent, BR2 6BY. Contact us at [email protected] or by phone on + 44 (0)333 011 5256
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