Sonalee Laboratory Update

Thanks to the tremendous generosity of our sponsors, so far we have been able to upgrade the following equipment, attend one of the ASHG Conferences and host a number of students to assist us in our vital research.

PCR machine: This new machine is faster and does PCR gradients, which are needed to optimise PCR fragments. This equipment is very useful for many projects done in Sonalee Lab. 

Water-bath incubator: The new device is bigger and better than the replaced one. The students are very happy they don’t need to run to the second floor, where a spare one was used thanks to the help of other scientists at the university.

Two New Computers:  The two new computers will replace two ancient PCs on the point of expiry. They are most welcome additions to the Sonalee Laboratory.

Two New Sets of pipettes: To replace old equipment thereby giving us the chance to host more students, better facilitate Laboratory workflow and increase accuracy while minimizing DNA contamination.

Three Vortex-mixers: these devices will replace three very old machines and will increase reliability as a result of improved mixing. 

Magnetic stirrer with heating block: To be used in the mixing of reagents and buffers used in the Laboratory.

Conference:  American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Vancouver, Canada – A very generous donation sponsored one attendee to go to the ASHG conference that was held in Vancouver, Canada. The attendee presented a poster on Marfan syndrome (- an approach to Genotype-Phenotype association) and he had the opportunity to go to three workshops in bioinformatics while at the conference thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.

This year was a busy one in the lab with three industrial placement students, four BSc students, and two volunteers.

Clinical History and Management Recommendations of the Smooth Muscle Dysfunction Syndrome Due to ACTA2 Arginine 179 Alterations. Regalado E, Mellor-Crummey L, De Backer J, Braverman A, Ades L, Benedict S, Bradley T, Bricker ME, Chatfield KC, Child A et al. Genet Med 2018 Jan 4.

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New Projects

Sonalee Laboratory Update Placement Student Anjuman Ali
Sonalee Laboratory Update Placement Student Amaanraj Kalsi
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