Marfan Trust Project Costs Wish List

Can you help the Marfan Trust meet the following annual costs so it can continue it's vital research: 
Laboratory Costs
Salaries: £52,000 
Consumables: £38,000
Medical Student Summer Scholarships x 3 @ £1,100 each (naming opportunity)
Note – we are especially short of funding for laboratory reagents (consumables) which has now curtailed urgent research.
Awareness & Information for Patients & Families
Helpline: £17,000 per annum
Newsletter printing costs for 12 page newsletter in colour x 2000 copies: £900
New Sponsorship for Aortopathy leaflet: £600
Collecting boxes (250): £750
‘Jeremy Wins’, a booklet for children with Marfan: (500 A4) £550, or £360 (500 A5)
Website development and maintenance: £500
Family Day 2019
Marketing: £1,300
Transport and accommodation for 3 trustees @ £150 per person: £450
Literature for 100 attendees: £400
Activities & materials for children: £615
Family Day Total: £2,765
Helpline Summary
In the past 12 months the helpline has assisted a total of 97 people: 69 by email and 28 by phone. While most of these enquiries have come from all over the UK, some have been international, including the Middle East, and North and South America.  In the majority of cases the enquirer was referred to the nearest national or international Marfan syndrome (MFS) clinic.  In most instances reassurance was provided wherever possible, and relevant pamphlets were posted, downloaded, or the enquirer was referred to our website where these could be read.  Phone calls could take up to 20 minutes each and follow-ups were arranged until the situation was resolved.  April 2018 has been included to show the trend to increasing requests for help.  The Marfan Trust is committed to continuing this valuable service, and is actively seeking further funding for 2019 (donations toward a total of £17,000 have been requested).
Thank You!
Huge thanks go to Caffe Nero, coffee supremos, and philanthropist, Mr Peter Field, for recently helping fund the continuing vital work of our PhD student Alex Wan. 
If you can help with any of the above costs, please contact Janet Gomes on 020 8725 1189 or at  
Marfan Trust Project Costs Wish List
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