Our Staff & Trustees

The Marfan Trust is a small charity which has two staff members, the Fundraising Administrator and the Director of the Sonalee Laboratory. We also have six Trustees and a Chairman who all have a wide range of skills and expertise. They donate their time to ensure that the Trust meets its key objectives. We are also very lucky to have the wonderful Dr Anne Child who is the Medical Director and Medical Adviser to the Marfan Trust. She provides an invaluable level of knowledge and compassion.

We would like to introduce you to the team:

Victoria Stilliard

Victoria Stilliard’s interest in the Marfan Trust stems from her younger son having Marfan syndrome. She is a District Nurse and is currently employed by a Hampshire PCT as a Team Leader in Intermediate Care.

Katherine Goodman, BSc (Hons) ACA

Katherine was appointed as the Treasurer in March 2017, and holds a first class honours degree in Biomedical Sciences and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. She was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome in 2015 and is the only known member of her family with the condition. As Treasurer she is responsible…

Barry Landa

Barry was appointed a Trustee in April 2012. He has more than 25 years experience within the legal sector working with both barristers and solicitors, and is currently the Practice Manager of a large provincial firm of Solicitors. Barry is directly affected by Marfan syndrome as are a large number…

Carol Gill

Carol feels a personal commitment to the Marfan Trust due to the death her partner, Robert Clayton Turner, who died of the disease at the age of 52. She has a varied business background, including working for charities both as a volunteer and a member of staff with particular experience in HR, including recruiting and training new recruits. She wish's to help promote the aims of the Marfan Trust to raise awareness of the disease and to promote further knowledge and understanding.

Michael Heath

Michael lives in the London Borough of Bexley with his wife Vera, He works part time as the Personnel Manager for Thames21 a London based environmental charity which engages local people to volunteer and put rivers at the heart of community life. For five years before this he was their project officer…